Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can Feel The Chilliness Of The Air!

I can't believe that it is getting so much more chillier than what seemed only a few days ago! The first official start of the autumn / fall season is next week but I just wasn't prepared for it to be coming so soon! Time is going by so quickly!

Once I found out that the temperature would drop to the 60's during the night I wondered about my thermostat! If the temperature dropped to the 60's then it would definitely come on and that would mark the first time that the thermostat would be coming on since last spring!

Of course I worry about my heating bill being too high (something I have to work on!) and I didn't want the heat to "kick" on too soon! But then again I don't want to freeze in my own house either!

Keeping in mind past records of my heating bills, the winter months are the most expensive - as my heating bill has been as high as $300! (There was a grant program that I applied for last year and got.) So I just want to delay the heat kicking in for as long as I can!

But this is the perfect time to do some reflecting though because after seeing the devastation that has occurred in Texas over Hurricane Gustav, I realize that I have a lot to be grateful for!

And I VOW to become a Millionaire!

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